Zea Gourmet Popcorn began as a modest kiosk back in July, 2014, selling world-class popcorn in colleges and schools. Originally inspired by the streets of Chicago, Zea Gourmet Popcorn quickly diversified from its initial offering, bringing a variety of unique flavours to the streets of Chennai, India. From a humble beginning as a single-kiosk vendor, Zea Gourmet Popcorn has grown to be a regular provisioner for events such as ISL, IPL, and Aircel Chennai Open, to name a few. Zea Gourmet Popcorn also caters to a variety of crowds—school festivals, college cultural, shows, live performances, birthday parties, sports events, and corporate events. Our popcorn production process is entirely mechanized, thereby ensuring the highest quality and hygiene standards. Popcorn is everybody’s favorite fun-time food and Zea’s is the popcorn to eat!

Combinations familiar and new, for everybody! We have all your favourite tastes, and as many new flavours to delight you with! Come pick up a Zea’s Popcorn and enjoy the magical sensation of eating the world’s best popcorn!

We are the firsts to launch an exclusive gourmet popcorn shops in Chennai (India).